A new era for newsletters

An open network of premium newsletters under a single subscription. No middleman required.
For Publishers

A new, sustainable business model for journalism

History has uncovered only one effective method for selling subscription content to an audience of tens of millions of people: as a bundle.

Newsrooms find themselves transitioning from selling their content as the whole bundle (print) to selling their content as part of one (digital). OpenBundle is a decentralized bundling and subscription billing protocol that brings consumers what they want and publishers the coordination mechanism they need.

For Subscribers

$12/mo for access to premium newsletters of your choosing

Content worth paying for is out there. It just hasn't been made available for sale in a way that makes sense to buy.

With OpenBundle, you pay a reasonable price and manage only one subscription. In return, you gain access to premium content from the publications you care about, delivered directly to you.

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What is it?

OpenBundle is coming soon and will be comprised of a few components:

The OpenBundle Protocol, built on Ethereum, which establishes a set of bundling, money splitting, and subscription billing rules that no one person or organization can change. The rules will be governed over time by OpenBundle's stakeholders.

The INK token, part of the protocol, serves to incentivize OpenBundle's growth. 10% of subscription revenue is shared by holders of INK in proportion to their holding. Anyone can earn INK as a reward for referring subscribers and publishers to the network.

OpenBundle Subscribe, a web application to abstract away the complications of the underlying protocol by providing a user interface for subscribers to manage their subscription, including the ability to pay by credit card.

OpenBundle Admin, a web application for publishers to list their content as part of OpenBundle, manage its price, and be notified when subscriptions start and stop.

Founding Team

OpenBundle is a team of 6 based in Philadelphia.  Say hi@openbundle.io.